Miranda Memorial

Miranda Harries aged 16

This page is a memorial to my gorgeous daughter, Miranda (6 October 1988 – 13 October 2006). Miranda was born in Hobart and died in a vehicle accident in the south west of Western Australia, a week after her eighteenth birthday.

Miranda was mischievous, free-spirited, generous, imaginative, athletic, social and caring. She loved bushwalking and otherwise exploring wild places in Tasmania and Western Australia, and was considering a career as an outdoor adventure guide.

Miranda aged 8

She adored, and was adored by her family, including her dozens of cousins, and her multitude of friends in Tasmania and Western Australia.

In Hobart, Miranda attended Princes Street and Albeura Street primary schools, and Ogilvie High School, and Shenton College in Perth, WA.

Miranda has been the inspiration behind many of my children’s books, but in particular, The Crown and Gown (at the age of four she wanted to be a princess, but was frustrated that her hair wouldn’t grow long enough to put into long princess plaits) and The Sky Dreamer, a picture book about childhood grief.

My poem ‘Learning to Love Fragments’ is for Miranda. Follow the embed link below to read it on my poetry pages.

Miranda aged 10

2 thoughts on “Miranda Memorial

  1. Hi Anne, we are loving your captain clawbeak books! Thank you! Also, am thinking back to Miranda years ago in South Hobart when she was just a little girl.
    Love Jamie

  2. Dear Anne,
    Though we’ve only known you for a couple of days, and only as paying guests at that, you have given us a huge and generous part of yourself in this poem. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    with love,
    Susan and David

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