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NEW! The Way of the Weedy Seadragon

Illustrated by Lois Bury
Available from CSIRO PUBLISHING and Bookshops everywhere.
The Way of the Weedy Seadragon is out now!

Anne’s new book, with Lois Bury, illustrator, is called The Way of the Weedy Seadragon. Published by CSIRO Publishing, February 2021. Read more here.

What’s the time Francie Fox?

Illustrated by Phoebe AYscough.
Available in print and Ebook from Kindergo.

What's The Time Francie Fox

“seasoned children’s writer Anne Morgan returns with a new tale, What’s the Time Francie Fox?, a rhyming tale of a mischievous fox combining numbers and time.” – Sunday TImes.

This book can be obtained via the Kindergo app (for Android and Apple), for a free thirty day trial period. Visit for details or to buy print copies. You can find out more about using the Kindergo app here.


The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken

Illustrated by Lois Bury
Available from Hobart Bookshop. Can be ordered through other bookshops and the IP website.

“For the Grolken in all of us, Anne Morgan’s magical, touching story reminds us what happens when we try to possess the things we love, whether it’s for our own unmindful pleasure, or even ‘to keep them safe’. And that the mightiest act of love, as the Grolken learns from his own loss of liberty, is to let them go and set them free. A delightful read for big people and little, especially under a full moon.” – Merridy Eastman

“The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken is a charming new fairy tale. The Grolken spies upon the Moonlight Bird and finally carries her off to his den. But as in all good fairy tales, love overcomes the darkness, so that there is a gentle and touching end to the story. The creative and lyrical use of both language and illustration make this picture book a delight to read aloud or to oneself.” – Carol Ann Martin

“‘Freedom can never be truly appreciated until you lose it.’ In this simple story of freedom and loss, we begin to understand that loss in a safe and hopeful way. Anne Morgan and Lois Bury have captured the essence of that journey in this beautifully poignant story.” – Christina Booth


The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land & Other Ecotales

Illustrated by Gay McKinnon.
Available as print and ebook from the IP online store or contact

Smallest Carbon Footprint Cover


“This is the most entertaining collection of recycled fairytales I have read in centuries.” – Betty Fairweather, Manager of the Fairy Godmother Op shop.



The Sky Dreamer

Illustrated by Celine Eimann.
Available: IP website and iTunes store. Can be ordered from some book stores.

An achingly beautiful and ultimately comforting picture book about a young child learning to take control of his life after the death of his sister.

“Dr. Anne Morgan has explored an important topic for anyone affected by the grief of losing a loved one; for children in particular it is so much more confusing and hard to understand. She has used her own personal experience to create this sensitive and touching tale to be shared.” – Angela Hall, Bug in a Book.

Cover French translation of The Sky Dreamer by Celine Eimann

Le bateau de rêves, French edition of The Sky Dreamer, translated and illustrated by Céline Eimann, 2012.

Available: IP website and iTunes store.


German version of the sky dreamer

Das Boot der Träume, German edition of The Sky Dreamer.

In press. The iBookstore version will be an ePub version; IP Sales edition will be a pdf.


The Captain Clawbeak Series

The Clawbeak  books are funny, pacy adventure stories for children aged 5-12, with a treasure trove of illustrations by Wayne Harris. The salty old cracker, Captain Clawbeak, has been known to capture and hold to ransom the imagination of even the most reluctant readers. Even a shipload of bloodthirsty, octogenarian pirates has been known to trade in their rusty cutlasses for library cards after getting hooked (?!) on reading by the Clawbeak books. The Clawbeak series build on the adventure stories of yore in a way that will appeal to today’s beginning readers and inspire them to embark on a lifetime of reading adventures.

Captain Clawbeak & the Red Herring

Illustrated by Wayne Harris.
Random House Australia, Sydney, 2006.
Available: can be ordered as print on demand through most book stores; also available as a talking book download through Amazon book store.

Clawbeak 1“Ahoy there, Johnnycake! Captain Clawbeak’s the name”. Feather duster, one-eyed parrot, Clawbeak, escapes from Fang, the cat from hell, and is rescued by a boy on a mission to find the perfect pirate story.


Captain Clawbeak the One & Only

Illustrated by Wayne Harris.
Random House Australia, Sydney, 2007.
Available:  can be ordered as print on demand through most book stores.

ONE ONLY FRONT COVER1“Waark, Doc’s having a babyling!” Captain Clawbeak can’t keep a family secret and will do anything to be in on the act.



Captain Clawbeak And the GHOSTLY GALLEON

Illustrated by Wayne Harris.
Random House Australia, Sydney, 2007.
Available:  can be ordered as print on demand through most book stores.

clawbeak 3

A chilling rescue mission in faraway seas involving a ghostly galleon and a woman who can whistle up a storm!



Warts ‘n’ All

Illustrated by Judith Rossell.
Koala Books,Sydney 2003.


Available:  currently out of print. The play version can be requested from Anne Morgan, via the contact form on this website.



The Crown & Gown

Illustrated by Chantal Stewart.
Cambridge University Press, , Port Melbourne, 2002.

crown and gown-1Bright Sparks series, level 3.

Available: Cambridge University Press, India. For sale in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Afghanistan.


The Glow Worm Cave

Illustrated by Belinda Kurczok.
Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1999.

glow worm cave 001


Shortlisted for the Environment Children’s Book of the Year, 2000.

5 thoughts on “Children’s Books

  1. Hi,
    We purchased the Captain Clawbeak series several years ago for our son. We tried to buy the promised “Salt sea merry-go-round” at the time, but couldn’t find it. Our daughter has just discovered the series, and would like to know if the book is available at all?
    Kind regards
    Dana Ledger

    1. Hi Dana,
      I’m delighted that your son, and now your daughter, have enjoyed the adventures of Captain Clawbeak. Thanks for letting me know.
      Sorry to disappoint your daughter, but my a few years ago my publisher took the decision not to publish Captain Clawbeak and the Salt Sea Merry-go-Round in the near future. But if you spread the word that the Clawbeaks are a great read, they may reconsider. And you could always contact the publishers and tell them you think it would be a great idea if they published the fourth book 🙂
      Kind regards from Anne, and ahoys from the salty old cracker, who is sitting on my shoulder and flapping his wings as I type.

  2. Hi Anna
    My 5yr old son Kea and I have just finished Captain Clawbeak and the Ghostly Galleon as part of his home education.
    He was so excited when we read at the end of this book that there is another one in the series.
    After sitting her searching online for a copy to purchase he is now very disappointed to hear it was never published. 😕
    But he was very happy to discover you are a Tasmanian Writer! As we live in Southern Tasmania in the far south. Do you have an e-book of the Sea Salt Merry-go-round available for purchase by chance?
    Absolutely love your work and plan on buying a copy of The Glow Worm Cave for our Aboriginal studies.
    Kind Regards Susan and Kea Muldrock
    Surges Bay Tasmania

    1. Hi Kea and Susan, it was lovely to meet you and the rest of your family at the Hobart launch of The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken last Thursday. Thanks for helping to make the launch such a special occasion. Anne.

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