Buzz for Winter 2013


In July I won the Southern Tasmanian heat of the Australian Poetry Slam with my “Axolotl Rap”. This means I get to compete in the State Finals in Launceston, Saturday September 14, at Cafe Fresh, 178 Charles St, kicking off at 7.30 pm. Launcestonians – come along and find out what water rat turns up his nose at. And you’ll have to admit, he’s a handsome charlie.


Earlier this year I had the honour of being one of 30 poets who was matched a painter and asked to prepare a collaboration for the wonderful Dick Bett memorial exhibition. The Exhibition opened to a crowded gallery of artists and wellwishers on the evening of Friday 2 August, amidst an unexpected power blackout. The blackout, however, did nothing to dampen the good cheer of poets, painters and patrons alike.

I was lucky to be matched with Sally Rees, who is not only a painter but a video artist. We agreed we would both respond to the theme of time, and our results of our collaboration can be seen, along with those of the other wonderful poets and painters, on the Dick Bett Gallery website. Sally’s film and my voice-over for “Time Piece” was also chosen for the Exhibition’s ad which screened at the State Cinema next door.

Sally Rees – “Parallellarrhythmia” 2013, pairing with “Time Piece”