Honeycomb Cottage, Bruny Island

Short term rental, Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

studio exteriorSituated at Adventure Bay on Tasmania’s stunning Bruny Island, this hexagonal chalet is the perfect retreat for writers who feel the need to pursue their creative work in peaceful surroundings,in one of the most beautiful locations on earth.


studio bed 3Bruny Island is accessed by car ferry from Kettering, south of Hobart. For more details check the Bruny Island ferry website.


The chalet is located in the homestead grounds of the historic Bruny Island farm, Mavista, and is fully self-contained. There is an open plan living area with kitchen, dining and sleeping facilities and an en suite bathroom/laundry facilities.

When you need a break from your writing you can visit the many scenic locations including the Neck, Adventure Bay, Cloudy Bay and Cape Bruny. Explore the South Bruny National Park and visit the Cape Bruny lighthouse.Do a gourmet tour of the island, visiting the Cheese Factory, the Oyster Farm, Chocolate Factory and Berry Farm, and enjoy a counter meal at the upmarket Alonnah pub. You can also check out the art galleries and restaurants on the island.

Climb the stairs at the Neck and pay your respects to the original Tasmanians at the Trugannini memorial. Watch for shearwater and fairy penguins at the Neck at dusk. From Adventure Bay you can walk to Penguin Island and see the historic remains of a whaling station. Fish any time of year. In summer you can swim, surf, dive or snorkel.

Take a Southern Ocean cruise out of Adventure Bay to the seal colony at the Friars, off Cloudy Bay. Watch for dolphins, whales, albatross and gannets.

Enjoy the birdlife of the farm, including striated pardalotes, robins, wrens, swallows, flycatchers, firetails, cuckoos, brown falcons, the domestic chook and the ‘turbo chook’ (native hen). Rare and endangered sea eagles and wedge tail eagles occasionally visit the farm. Meet the wallabies which graze the farm at dusk – you may be rewarded with a glimpse of a rare white wallaby.

Discount rates for writers during winter months. To request further information, or make a booking, please use the contact form on this website or ring 0420 224 704.

For more information about Bruny Island, check the official visitors’ guide.


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  1. Congratulations on both the launch of your blog site and EcoTales Anne!

    With respect, just one tiny thing….pardalote is spelled with an ‘a’ and when it comes to birds, I believe we are supposed to write their names as follows upper case for the genus and in lower case for the species except where otherwise
    Striated pardalote.

    I decided not to write this up on Facebook!

    What about a writers workshop???

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